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Tide tables are prepared years in advance by calculating the future positions of the Moon. Science has known for a long time that the Moon is the main cause of tidal action.

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To begin with, the ocean tides do not rise and fall as we might imagine from our personal observations of them. The Moon as it orbits around Earth sets up a circular wave of attraction which pulls the oceans of the world after it, broadly in an east to west direction. It travels with equal effect across the land masses and, as scientists were recently amazed to observe, caused oysters placed in the dark in the middle of the United States where there is no sea to open their shells to receive the nonexistent tide.

If the land-locked oysters react to this invisible signal, what effect does it have on us who not so long ago in evolutionary time came out of the sea and still have its salt in our blood and sweat? Less well known is the fact that the Moon is also the primary force behind the circulation of blood in human beings and animals, and the movement of sap in trees and plants. The habits of many animals, too, are directed by the movement of the Moon. Migratory birds, for instance, depart only at or near the time of the Full Moon.

And certain sea creatures, eels in particular, move only in accordance with certain phases of the Moon.

It is the one thing that everyone has in common: rich and poor, famous and infamous, all are deeply concerned about tomorrow. But the key to the future, as every historian knows, lies in the past. This is as true of individual people as it is of nations. So it is universally accepted now, and has been through the ages. But how do you go about discovering what sort of person you are? Astrology did this long before the birth of Christ. Psychology has also done it. So has modern medicine, in its way.

These different systems are neither contradictory nor mutually exclusive. In fact, they are very often different ways of saying the same thing. These four faculties exist in all of us without exception, but not in perfect balance.

Emotion, which may be the opposite of thinking, will be his or her weakest function. This thinking type can be sensible and reasonable, or calculating and unsympathetic.

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The emotional type, on the other hand, can often be recognized by exaggerated language—everything is either marvelous or terrible—and in extreme cases they even invent dramas and quarrels out of nothing just to make life more interesting. The other two faculties are intuition and physical sensation. Many scientists are sensation types as are athletes and nature-lovers. Like sensation, intuition is a form of perception and we all possess it. But it works through that part of the mind which is not under conscious control—consequently it sees meanings and connections which are not obvious to thought or emotion.

Inventors and original thinkers are always intuitive, but so, too, are superstitious people who see meanings where none exist. Thus, sensation tells us what is going on in the world, feeling that is, emotion tells us how important it is to ourselves, thinking enables us to interpret it and work out what we should do about it, and intuition tells us what it means to ourselves and others.

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  • All four faculties are essential, and all are present in every one of us. In addition, Jung also observed a division of the human personality into the extrovert and the introvert, which cuts across these four types. Some people are reluctant to admit that they act to please their emotions. Not only that, but your date of birth is personal— it is unarguably yours.

    What better way to know yourself than by going back as far as possible to the very moment of your birth? And this is precisely what your horoscope is all about, as we shall see in the next section.

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    If you had been able to take a picture of the skies at the moment of your birth, that photograph would be your horoscope. In other words, your horoscope is a representation of the skies with the planets in the exact positions they occupied at the time you were born. The year of birth tells an astrologer the positions of the distant, slow-moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The month of birth indicates the Sun sign, or birth sign as it is commonly called, as well as indicating the positions of the rapidly moving planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

    The day and time of birth will locate the position of our Moon. And the moment—the exact hour and minute—of birth determines the houses through what is called the Ascendant, or Rising sign. Then he or she locates them by means of the Zodiac. This twelvefold division, the Zodiac, is a reference system for the astrologer. Now where in all this are you, the subject of the horoscope? Your character is largely determined by the sign the Sun is in.

    Here are the twelve signs of the Zodiac, their ancient zodiacal symbol, and the dates when the Sun enters and leaves each sign for the year Remember, these dates may change from year to year. There are many people who have been amazed at the accuracy of the description of their own character based only on the Sun sign.

    But an astrologer needs more information than just your Sun sign to interpret the photograph that is your horoscope. The Rising Sign and the Zodiacal Houses An astrologer needs the exact time and place of your birth in order to construct and interpret your horoscope. Note the inner circle of the wheel labeled 1 through These 12 divisions are known as the houses of the Zodiac. The 1st house always starts from the position marked E, which corresponds to the eastern horizon.

    The point where each house starts is known as a cusp, or edge. The cusp, or edge, of the 1st house point E is where an astrologer would place your Rising sign, the Ascendant.

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    And, as already noted, the exact time of your birth determines your Rising sign. Actually it is the turning of the Earth that exposes each sign to view, but in our astrological work we are discussing apparent motion. This Rising sign marks the Ascendant, and it colors the whole orientation of a horoscope. It indicates the sign governing the 1st house of the chart, and will thus determine which signs will govern all the other houses.

    To visualize this idea, imagine two color wheels with twelve divisions superimposed upon each other. Now imagine one wheel the signs moving slowly while the other wheel the houses remains still.

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    Once your Rising sign has been placed on the cusp of the 1st house, the signs that govern the rest of the 11 houses can be placed on the chart. For example, it could be that a sign covers part of two adjacent houses. But to gain a workable understanding of astrology, it is not necessary to go into great detail.

    In fact, we just need a description of the houses and their meanings, as is shown in the illustration above and in the table below. The Planets in the Houses An astrologer, knowing the exact time and place of your birth, will use tables of planetary motion in order to locate the planets in your horoscope chart.

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    He or she will determine which planet or planets are in which sign and in which house. Sun: Source of life. Basic temperament according to the Sun sign. The conscious will. Human potential. Moon: Emotions. Mercury: Communication. Reasoning power. Short travels.

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    Venus: Love. Beautiful possessions. Mars: Energy. Jupiter: Luck. Saturn: Pessimism. Hard work. Lasting rewards after long struggle. Uranus: Fashion. Sudden changes. Modern science. Neptune: Sensationalism. Pluto: Creation and destruction. Total transformation. Lust for power. Strong obsessions. Superimpose the characteristics of the planets on the functions of the house in which they appear. Express the result through the character of the Sun sign, and you will get the basic idea. How To Use These Predictions A person reading the predictions in this book should understand that they are produced from the daily position of the planets for a group of people and are not, of course, individually specialized.