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You will find yourself feeling your passionate self in the later part of the year. You are coming into your own on March 2nd, the entire month of April, September 14th, and October 5th. Your sex life is on fire here, and will definitely be some extremely romantic times. You might even consider moving in with your significant other this year, ending the year with some intense and deeply emotional and spiritual growth. Now, you enter , still in this position, only reworking, realigning and reconnecting with what you want when it comes to your self-worth, self-esteem and soul mates.

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Last year, you let it all hang out, behind closed doors. The eclipse cycles of January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th are totally rocking your world here. Passion is the word of your year, for sure. You might even find that you have some important health priorities that you need to take care of first.

Not with these lunar transits on your side.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Great change is on the way, and is for the better. You might find yourself out in the public a bit more than you are usually comfortable with, but it is because you have an important message to share with others. You are a great healer, teacher, and lover all in on. Finances are truly on the upswing for your sign here. There is a huge theme of receiving what was given out in the last two years for your sign, this year. You really did go through an underworld transition, and now you may find that things lift for you.

A giant lesson shifts for you on January 7th around your personal priorities with money decisions. You are wiser and take your time this year, especially around February 2nd, when you can really save up and invest in yourself. March 6th is an extremely important day for you to mark on your calendar, as Uranus, the planet of change enters Taurus and reflects a pivotal transition in your bank account. You might even find that your career takes a new path, or you have an intensely rewarding growth cycle here. You might even fuse elements of your personal life into your day job.

Do not be afraid to advertise yourself in a new and different way, this will be quite beneficial when it comes to financial rewards and will come into fruition around October 12th if you embrace this unique change. Any resistance to the new and weird here will serve as a lesson you will have to work with and could work against you if you fight self-expression and visibility. You are straight up hot this year.

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As if you never were. You have so many love prospects and temptations coming out of the woodworks, and this has been going on since September of Weigh your options wisely and take your time. Commitments made this year are very important, and show you the true universal connections we all have. That means this might be a pivotal year for meeting a really special soulmate.

Love lost in mid-to-late January will be revised, reformed, and understood as the year goes forward. You might even find yourself dating zodiac signs you might not normally date. You might actually meet someone out-of-the-blue around May 6th. The year pushes you forward with a lots of growth, and sexy times. You might receive some important news about a past lover when Mercury is retrograde in your sign from November st. Your fires are still burning from Mid-November into as you both leave and enter a new year with Mars, your home planet pumping fuel to your passionate heart. Your home planet Jupiter has been in your sign since November 8th of , and is really expanding all the possibilities in your life.

In fact, things that were delayed for many years are most likely going to work out for you quite positively. You have an innate gift of being at the right place at the right time, and is no exception. Your game plan ahead is to say yes. Attend the events, take on the extra work and let yourself be the lovely social butterfly you were made to be. The year opens up with a stellar connection to self-expression and having your desires met.

January 7th holds super strong for you in all matters of love, finances, and creativity. The solar and lunar eclipse cycles January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th will require you to be a great friend. You might have a lot of people contacting you during these events asking for your advice and in need of help. The January 21st lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo holds as a gateway for your fiery self to really align with your goals, and kick out what no longer benefits your creativity. You might even find yourself on several adventures, and possibly with a joyous tribe around you.

Your community becomes your family. Your financial aspects in are expansive and strong. You have a full turnaround in multiple factors of your career development and even when it comes to your earning potential. This is particularly major as you need to refocus and connect to a life where your spiritual and material needs are simultaneously met. There might be moments of tension especially on or around January 13th, June 15th, as well as September 20th and 21st when there is a bit of a disagreement between Neptune, the planet of dreams in Pisces and Jupiter in your sign.

Your love life is booming this year, and you might have attracted a true love partner. Someone to travel with and talk about all of the inappropriate things on both of your minds. You might actually have to choose between several options especially around the beginning of the year and leading you to August 11th, when you just might have a very pivotal and heartwarming event in your own life.

The year ends just as nicely as it began with an added bonus from Venus, the planet of love. She ends in your sign, just as the year also began. You will be noticed, and even sought after. You standout for sure, and your sexuality is oozing with passion. This is a great year to put the past behind you, embrace your greatness, and lift up others as well. This is a pivotal year for you, Dearest Goat.

Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

You open up strong with a solar eclipse in your sign on January 5th. There will be a great deal of tests in regards to the balance of your home and career decisions. You might be re-evaluating how your work and life balance has actually been non-existent for many years. You have a lot on your plate from January through July. The eclipse schedule for this year January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th really serves as a cycle of values.

You are able to rise above the challenge and deep the deep benefits of success. Your money and financial life are going to be rocking. If the last decade of your life has felt unbalanced, there is a major chance to undo and re-create a healthier connection to prosperity well into the next year. Saturn, the planet of structure has been in your sign since , and is allowing a steadier return of assets in your bank account. This hope that has sat in your heart can now be a reality, as you may ambitiously ask the Universe for these gifts. You might feel a little over-exposed, and maybe even need to make a final decision around March 6th as Uranus, the planet of change rolls around in the Earthly sign of Taurus.

Your love life is out-of-this-world.

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You are a sign of pleasure, and you will have that on the table if you so choose. Be careful not to allow cycles of self-sabotage to get in your way. Especially due to the added bonus that the eclipses are really unlocking your energy fields for the much of the year. You might meet someone unexpectedly or through a fated connection at any point during the January 5th solar eclipse. This connection is quite strong, and is meant to change your life.

Leo October 2019 Monthly Forecast : New Ways of Communication Yields Exceptional Results

There is an unspoken and subtle understanding that you have with a particular flame that is truly one of the greatest romances of your life. Be open to the possibilities, and let your heart be your guide. There are intense times ahead, but this year will prove how capable you really are.

You might feel a bit pensive throughout the year, Aquarius. January starts out with a bang, and keeps on moving quickly. You get a little extra oomph power at the end of the month when the lunar eclipse makes an appearance in your opposite sign of Leo. The solar and lunar eclipse January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th are essentially trying to get you to settle down and maybe even feel more grounded in this year of , which might not be what your sign is used to. March 6th is a very important date for you, Uranus, your home planet moves into Taurus, which is in many ways a sign you would rather not deal with.

However, this is a great lesson for you. Structure and values surrounding long-term projects, financial outlook, and even a steadier home life will bring great value to your entire year. A super important date for all realms of your life will be on October 1st, as your home planet will move into the retrograde position, requiring you to tear down some old beliefs, and redirect your energy towards your physical health.

Your money life looks interesting to say the least. Years of rash spending decisions might come to an end during this time. You have a chance to repair what had once seemed to unravel or required you to do some last minute spending since Debt cycles will transform for the better if you do your homework. That is if you give yourself a chance to sit down and quiet your racing thoughts. There is a financial breakthrough on or around March 2nd of this year, as Venus makes her way into your sign and brings abundant lessons, however, be mature about this. You move through your year with some ups and downs, but overall there are great wins, and strong communication will set you apart in any long-term creative financial decisions.

Your love life will be a tough subject this year. One side of the coin, you want a partner who serves you well and represents steadiness and reliability, and on the other side, you want that independence that you were built for. This means being open to a new partner or way of life. The eclipses of January are a transitional time, and the 21st of the month has a very valuable life lesson.

You might even experience a change in romantic partners or a situation where you find yourself falling in love with a friend. When it comes to romance, you might have that important someone testing you in the month of July.