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Paul O'Mara - feedback paulomara. They renew themselves easily through liberal ideas. They are not bound by crystallized opinions that keep others in bondage. At their soul's point they are free. Their hang-ups may be their friends; perhaps they are driven by an insatiable urge, which makes them feel as if they never have enough comradery in their homes.

Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker These people can succeed as executives who have a great deal of vision, but they are not always practical. They often work in the fields of education, religion, and travel, achieving fame in these areas through their religious and spiritual accomplishments. They are likely to be considered philanthropists and are generous in their professional contacts. With Gemini on the IC, these people travel a good deal and often change their residence.

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They have a tendency to establish two homes. There is usually a large library in the home. They communicate extensively with family mambers and give a great deal of thought to domestic affairs. Dane Rudhyar Gemini at the cusp of the fourth house tends to provide changing situations while the process of personality integration takes place.

Aries Weekly Astrology Horoscope 7th October 2019

The tree of personality may be like a palm tree or a sequoia with a very wide and extensive network of roots not far below the surface, instead of a deep-reaching taproot. Concentration on very basic feelings may be somewhat difficult.

The individual may have antennae feeling for multiple impacts and stimuli for growth, rather than a solid and secure realization of what he actually is and stands for as a person. The danger is for a strong and clever ego to develop as the efficient and perhaps proud organizer of complex life experiences. Much depends in such a case on the sign at the Ascendant. In most instances it will be either Aquarius or Pisces; only in the far north could it be Capricorn, a steadying influence. And the positions of planets in the fourth house could considerably modify and polarize the typical Gemini characteristics, either adding restlessness or stabilizing the intellectual structures upon which the person depends for inner security.

Jeanne Avery With the luckiest planet in the zodiac ruling the tenth house of career, the Sagittarius MC person can have great good fortune in areas of public life. Jupiter is the planet that is associated with enthusiasm, humor, sales, wealth, wealth of spirit, and good luck. Sagittarius on the cusp of the tenth house describes optimism and the constant need for goals and challenges in career matters.

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There is a strong possibility that one with this Midheaven will have several careers in one lifetime, as he becomes bored if a challenge is missing. If he can find an occupation that he cannot conquer completely, he will be successful. When Jupiter is well aspected in an individual chart, the photographs he took of the parent of the same sex describe a happy-go-lucky parent, optimistic, perhaps religious, wealthy financially or wealthy of spirit.

He sees that parent as one who is successful as a result of contagious enthusiasm and optimism. If Jupiter is not well aspected, the parent may have had severe disappointments in life that precondition the normal optimism of the personality. Since there is strong identification with the parent of the same sex in choice of career, it can be important to realize how devastatingly a parent's disappointment in the career arena can affect this person.

In this event, the Sagittarius MC person may hesitate to be truly successful, in order to remain on the same level as that parent. With a strongly aspected Jupiter, the parent encouraged the child to set goals and express enthusiasm in public life. If not, the parent may have inadvertently warned the Sagittarius MC personality about the danger of disappointment.