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The star interpretations are written for those born with their Sun on that degree, but the general mood of the day will carry that flavour too. Yes I know it sounds abit too much like a stereotypical sun-sign Scorpio interpretation, but this decan is as close as it gets.

Here we find the typical mysterious and secretive Scorpio. The fixed stars that fall within these degrees totally support this. But typically for our Scorpio, there is even more intrigue below the surface….

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The Tarot card associated with this decan is surprisingly quite a light-hearted and affectionate one, the six of cups. The imagery in the Rider-Waite card is that of children, a boy offering a gift to a girl. It is an image of childhood memories. This optimistic card is supported by the Sun and Jupiter rulership of this decan.

We crave what is secure and steady as we have coped with enough change for the moment. The gift of successful investigation of the hidden side of things. A deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests. The constellations insignia is used greatly in Australia, New Zealand and in South America on flags, stamps and such like. Crux is the smallest constellation in the sky, but really stands out in the south.

But like all Venusian stars it can also have its undesirable effects. Therefore their emotions run very deep which is why they have such great sensitivity in the bedroom.

Taurus Weekly Tarot Reading October 7-13 2019

Scorpio decan 2 have a lovely balance of both tenderness and utter raunchy-ness which is an unbeatably sexy combo. Not only that, is they dress so well! Since it is in the human part of the figure it has the nature of Venus and Mercury.

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Hercules was the son of Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene. He died on a funeral pyre, became a god, and ascended to Mount Olympus to join the other gods……. Avoid Drama — This Full Moon is very dramatic, so be ever so careful not to buy into any of it. Keep a cool, calm head and an eye of powerful emotions which could drive intense situations over this time.

Find balance in your relationships — The signs of Aries and Libra ask for balance in relationships, so find some over this Full Moon. Find an equality between give and take, and remember to be kind to one another! Recognise your Achievements — the sign of Aries is proud of itself, confident and hardworking — recognise this time of achievement of what you have been growing the last few months, and give yourself a pat on the back!

Commitment can bring up all sorts of fears, but when you take responsibility, you can feel proud of yourself! The Full Moon in Aries is an intense one — not altogether easy! Full Moons are always full of emotional energy, and this one specifically can be heated, especially if you have been neglecting your personal desires and needs.

Try not to allow things to blow up completely, especially when it comes to love and relationships. Make your decisions and commitments very carefully indeed, and try to walk with compassion and gentleness for yourself and for others! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Share the love: shares 0 0 0 0 7. The Full Moon in Aries shows us a culmination point as well as some releasing. Whatever we began around the beginning of April this year will bear fruit. Margarita Celeste.

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