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As they are also good at building bridges and keeping things light and jolly, they also make terrific diplomats. Monkeys are wonderful at making people like them, and for this reason, they are in high demand when it comes to all types of jobs and careers. They also make very good stockbrokers, lawyers and teachers.

Anything dealing with people is a win for the Chinese Zodiac Monkey as they can put their talents to good use. Whatever role they end up in, they will make a success of it because of their ambitious drive and high levels of confidence! As Monkeys tend to make a success of themselves, money is usually not a problem for them. This is partly because they enjoy splashing out admittedly this is a little to do with showing off at times! However, Monkeys are generous creatures, provided they are acknowledged for this generosity.

Money is not a motivator for the sake of money, but rather it is desirable because of all the perks that come with it, particularly adoration from others. A very strong and self-sufficient Chinese Zodiac Monkey, this is the one that cares most about money and will do everything to secure they are financially stable. Being highly innovative, it is not unusual for the Metal Monkey to run their own business or work as a freelancer of some sort.

This is a warm Monkey who cares about their relationships with others. They have an excellent ability to motivate others, particularly those who are feeling down in the dumps. However, when this Monkey is down in the dumps herself, they will mark it with arrogance and pride; few can penetrate their vulnerable spots when these moments hit.

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The Water Monkey is a dignified Chinese Zodiac Monkey and, unlike their elemental counterparts, rather on the sensitive side. This Monkey believes very much in the aspect of borrowing and owing — if they do someone a favor, they expect this favor to be returned, no matter how many years or decades have passed.

With much style and originality, the Water Monkey of the Chinese Zodiac stands out in the crowd.

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This Monkey does not believe in labels or bracketing people and is a keen advocate of individualism. Patience is something Water Monkeys struggle with sometimes, but if they can learn to harness it, they will find themselves able to deal with troubling or difficult situations with greater ease. Highly sociable, the Wood Monkey is never short of friends and acquaintances.

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They make friends easily and are wonderful hosts of parties and events. There is much ambition in this Monkey, and social climbing is one way of achieving their goals. However, the Wood Monkey does not sink to deceptive methods to achieve what they want, making them both honorable and noble individuals. Wood Monkeys of the Chinese Zodiac can be perfectionists, always striving to be better, much to the admiration of those around them.

The most energetic of all the Monkeys of the Chinese Zodiac, the Fire Monkey is a leader and exhibitionist all in one. It is hard to miss the Fire Monkey who displays great passion and daring, using their eloquence and articulation to magnetically draw crowds towards them. They are imaginative and bold, often shaking up the status quo. Fire Monkeys can be controlling and selfish at times, and if they are not careful, they can develop tendencies of tyranny.

Snake - Monkey Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Fire Monkey benefits from a placid partner who is not afraid to stand up to them and help them realize when they are crossing a line. The tiger might see the monkey as being frivolous and even careless. When the tiger is dating the monkey, they go after their own interests. They will have different outlooks. The tiger has a magnetic personality and a lot of confidence. They have individuality and are independent. They will want to be in control and will not let their partner take that.

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The tiger male and tiger female have a sense of nobility. They can be domineering and motivated. They do not like clingy or controlling partners. They will want to keep their freedom. They can be egotistical when trying to get their way. They like to show off, especially to their friends. Eventually, they might compete with their lover for the spotlight.


They might compete for control in the relationship. They are mischievous and fun loving. The monkey male and monkey female have a lot of curiosity and are very outgoing. They will go after what makes them happy. They will understand when the independent tiger needs alone time.

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Such actions give birth to mislead a person born under the zodiac sign of Gemini in the year of the Monkey. Twins are able to attach the surrounding masses of people to address their individual and collective objectives. Interacting people tend to obey this man because of his ties to the community, relations with the powers that people, their cruelty or tricks. Twins have a tendency to easily use the results of other people's circumstances and opportunities.

Rabbit and Monkey Love Compatibility and Relationship - Chinese Astrology Compatibility

Year of the Monkey builds a relationship with people who have them for their service to withdraw multiple times. Twins addicted to various pleasures, they are largely gourmand, with threats not immediately resort to violence. Man of the sign of the zodiac arrogant, prone to atheism, manipulating ideas. Gemini responsible in the arrangements and sources of its profit.

They are able to pick off the relationship because of threats to personal safety or the loss of benefits in the relationship.

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