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Blessed with good humor and geniality, they are extremely comfortable to get along with for they have the knack of instantly putting people at their ease. Charming and cheerful, the Horse is an extremely likable character. Hard working, self-possessed and sharp, the Horse skillfully acquires power, wealth and respect. However, the Horse's sometime-appreciated frankness can be tactless. The Horse's impatient pursuit of success may become selfish and predatory. Horses can be obstinate.

In truth , they are more cunning than intelligent , and they know it. This is why, despite that air of assurance, the Horse lacks confidence in himself. Above all, the Horse is cut out to be in politics, a career which could bring great personal satisfaction with the opportunity to grind his own ax. He could be a winner here, for he has the facility to sway the crowd.

He is very quick-witted and he is right in there with you before you have had the chance to finish what you were saying; he's on to the thought in your mind even before you've expressed it. This permits the Horse to forestall any arguments that anyone can dream up. With the Horse , movement is everything. Freedom and independence are as essential to Horse-born people as the air they breathe. A low boredom threshold, both in terms of interests and friendships, is characteristic of those belonging to this sign, and adds a whimsical quality to the otherwise levelheadedness of these folk.

Consequently, they tend to act on impulse, and this means there is an element of unpredictability about them. Like the symbol by which they are represented, Horse-born people are high-spirited and lively. Their vivacity and enthusiasm make them very popular. With a deft sense of humor , Horses are masters of repartee. They love to take center stage and delight audiences everywhere.

Sometimes rash and willful, they can be prone to rapid changes of mood and, although seldom really explosive of temper, when they do see red, it is not a pretty sight. Those who have suffered a Horse's rage will never feel quite the same about him again, for his fits of temper are inevitably a bit childish.

If he wants to succeed, he has to master them.

How astrology and superstition drove an increase in abortions in Japan | The Japan Times

Resourceful and self-confident, Horses approach all things enthusiastically. Quick-witted and mentally alert, they are quick to catch on and efficient in all their undertakings. Because of this ability, this dexterous and incisive mind of theirs, they can make accurate judgments and sound decisions instantaneously.

The Horse - 2019 Astrology Year of the Pig

They are particularly skilled at handling money , very often in business dealings following their hunches. When it comes to intuition they have a sixth sense that is quite uncanny. Unfortunately, as the Horse is a creature of changing moods he's liable to lose interest suddenly in things he's taken up, whether it's a love affair, a single deal in business, or a whole career. He'll start again with the same determination , and he'll enjoy an equal success. He can make it in any career that demands neither solitude nor meditation , for he is an extrovert and he needs to be surrounded by people who approve of him and flatter him.

Due to their dislike of inactivity, Horses get involved in many sorts of works outside their chosen trade. Good with their hands and attracted to art , they are skillful craftsmen with a talent for innovation. The first and second part of the Horse's life will be full of ups and downs. He will leave his home and family while he is still young, and this will bring its own disappointments.

His love life will be by no means smooth. But the third phase of the Horse's life will be a peaceful one. Under influence of the Fire element , he is flamboyant and itinerant, excitable and hot-blooded, with superb intellect and great personal magnetism, trying to bring about change through force and sheer willpower.

He is easily distracted and volatile and too inconsistent for repetitive or boring tasks. He has flair, wit and charm, needing a great deal of spice and variety in his life. He loves travel, action and change and works best when in charge as he does not tolerate supervision well. His gifts are ingenuity and resourcefulness but not perseverance. Years ago, while visiting a small Asian border town, I saw a peculiar advertisement. In English, it read, " Love your girl child. The only explanation I was given was something about boys being valued more because girls leave the home when they marry.

I couldn't then and can't now reconcile that answer with infanticide. Years later, when I learned about Fire Horse women in Chinese astrology , I understood the significance of the phrase " love your girl child. A person's destiny is determined by his or her birth , the season, and the hours of their birth. Most of us have found our birth year on the placemat in a Chinese restaurant-I'm the Ram.

Yet the Chinese actually follow a 60 year cycle that is much more complicated than the animal of their birth year. Depending upon the year born, a person can also be one of the elements wood, fire , earth , metal, or water. For instance, born in December of , I am a Fire Ram. If I had been born just ten months earlier, I would have been a Fire Horse. As a Fire Horse , I would have had a very different destiny. In general, Horses are outgoing, people-loving, and successful.

However, in the Fire element their freedom-loving traits turn to rebelliousness, hubris, and destruction. While this potential was tolerated in a male child, it was thought to be ominous in a woman. The common belief in most Asian countries was that a Fire Horse woman would devastate her nuclear family, drain them of resources, and bring about the early death of her father.

If a husband could be found for a Fire Horse woman, he would be mistreated and meet an early death himself. Several stories have perpetuated this fallacy such as a popular Japanese tale dating as far back as about a Fire Horse woman who nearly burned down the city of Edo. The power of cultural myth is strong as evidenced by the decline of births in the year of the Fire Horse. The birthrate in Japan during that year is down a half million as compared to the previous and succeeding years. In China , Tibet , and Korea there is also data of a plummet in birthrates.

Stories of infanticide of girls from this period persist. You can be sure that women born in are not quick to reveal this in public. Today these women are beginning to revise these beliefs , and their stories are capturing the imagination of the world. Fire Horse myths are being rewritten to honor the regenerative strength of women born under the sign of Fire Horse. In Japan the Hinoeuma Association, was formed by six Fire Horse women to raise awareness and better the perceptions of the roughly 1,, fire horse women who were born in Japan.

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They told reporters that they chose this potentially controversial name to "encourage creative women in India and around the world , who are unafraid to question the status quo and push the envelope. Her book , The Legend of Fire Horse Woman, is about the survival of three generations of Japanese women and illuminates the purifying strength of women born into this destiny.

The next cycle for this rare sign will be Following the movement of these wonderful works by Fire Horse women around the world , will cultural perception be different in ? Will families receive these strong women with excitement , or will parents genetically engineer a year of boys.

Either way, when I think of Fire Horse women, I cannot help but remember that shaky sign wavering on a screen in a dark movie theater: " Love your girl child. The will and the spirit of the Fire Horse cannot be broken. This Horse goes through life with philosophical patience and the ability to bounce back from adversity no matter how dire the circumstances. In times of solitude , Fire Horses also have an insatiable need for intellectual stimulation and they satisfy their curiosity for learning through reading, listening, conversing, and travel abroad.

Fire Horses make inspiring leaders, revered and respected.

Year of the Fire Horse

They encourage their subordinates with kindness and just the right degree of strictness and work well with people in all stations of life. Financial rewards fall in the middle ground, not too bad, not terrific, but always comfortable.

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Being in love with the Fire Horse brings pure rapture. These noble Horses are generous with their love , with hugs and kisses. Loved ones always know where they stand because Fire Horses demonstrate every day through their actions the love they feel deep within. Each day is a soft and tender love poem. Answer — Most authors delight in giving the Fire Horse an oversized treatment, thereby implying that he is the most important or noteworthy figure in Chinese astrology. In fact, this Horse is only one of the sixty main astrological combinations and should be viewed as such. This does not mean, however, that the native holds no specific interest.

No one could remain indifferent to reports of thousands upon thousands of abortions in Japan alone during , a year of the Fire Horse. There is only one Fire-Horse year every 60 years. Japanese prospective parents were so much afraid of begetting Fire Horses that they preferred nipping them in the bud even though their action was illegal.

The same might have been true in other Asian countries. Why is the Horse of this combination held in so much contempt and awe? Because, it is believed, he or she cannot fail to bring misfortune and drama to his own family. His exacerbated individualism , monstrous egoism , and utter disdain for the virtue of family loyalty and tradition tend to substantiate such a belief. In any case, all the qualities and defects inherent to the sign are brought to an apogee in the Fire Horse. No one, not even the Fire Tiger , can surpass him in optimism , enthusiasm , blind faith , and courage.

If anyone is able to move mountains, it must be he. Extremely brilliant and terribly efficacious, he detests mediocrity and failure, and his achievements are generally equal to his inordinate dreams. Good luck often seems to be on his side. He is capable of the best as well as the worst deeds.

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