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You will see the emphasis on travel throughout the month. You have been under considerable pressure lately because your ruling planet Saturn is in Capricorn. Saturn is known for his tough-love method of tutoring, so none of his tasks are easy.


You could use an awe-inspiring trip to take you away from everyday cares and open your mind and heart to new experiences and the beauty of a new culture. You currently have Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon in Virgo, all within a few mathematical degrees of each other—this special lineup, known as a crown of stars by astrologers, just happens to be twinkling in your ninth house of long journeys. With more than half of the planets in earth signs like yours—the Sun, new moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto—you have nearly the entire solar system supporting you this month.

Neptune is not in an earth sign but is in Pisces, a water sign that is divinely compatible with yours. You are looking at an amazingly happy month, especially during the first three weeks. What makes the lineup of these happy little planets so extraordinary is that Uranus, based in your solar fifth house of truelove, will be delivering his electrifying beams to all the planets in your ninth house. This adds up to a highly romantic new moon, and depending on what you do in the ten days following the new moon of August 30, this joyous vibration will be strong enough to follow you all year and keep paying you happy dividends.

This means your month will be filled with surprises on so many levels and areas of your life because each of the planets is the landlord of a different house of your chart.

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To view the current horoscopes, click here. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller If you decided not to travel overseas this year during prime tourist months—June, July, and August—you will soon come to see how smart you were to wait. View Previous Month. The Sun represents the central point in natal astrology, in Western astrology. It is the center of the Solar system and so the major element in this astrological approach. Let us only remind you there are astrological systems based upon the lunar calendar, such as Chinese astrology.

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The Sun sign defines your idea of the world you live in, your will to live the life and your basic attitude towards it. It stands for authority, self-confidence and bravery. It symbolizes vitality and health, personal strength. It also represents a powerful creative principle and it is the Sun sign that drives you to create, grow and develop.

Its basic energy is positive and meant to help you achieve your greatest potentials, to make them come into realization. The Sun sign could, of course, be in good or in bad aspects. If it was in good aspects, the Sun represents as a driving, guiding life force; it is something you are aware of.

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It makes you believe in yourself. On the contrary, bad aspects turn this the other way; one becomes insecure and vain, thus also cruel, pessimistic and of ill ambitions. The Sun represents the base of your astrological personality. The sign defines your basic characteristics, not all that constitutes you as a person, because there are other signs and planets, other influences you are unaware of.

The Sun in Capricorn makes you a Capricorn personality, meaning that you share some characteristics with other Capricorns. The way those are going to manifest depends on other elements and aspects in your birth chart. What are Capricorns like?

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They are known to be some of the most serious and conventional representatives of the Zodiac, not particularly empathic or emotional ones. Capricorns are conventional, traditional and strict. They could also be very ambitious ones, ready to work really hard, in order to achieve their goals. They work the best if in control over things. Although Capricorns would respect special norms and values established, they do not like to be told what to do; they would respect the system, but they work the best if in charge of their own business. They are very good at organizing others.

They have high morals and would always be very honest with you. They are hard emotionally to reach.

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Capricorns are guided by values of tradition and family and would do their best to maintain those. They mostly cool headed, calculated and tactful. It is closely associated with intuitive thinking, dreams, imagination and emotions. The Moon energy is particularly strong in water element signs and it naturally governs the sign of Cancer. The Moon is the mystical one, the wonderer through realms of dreams, fantasy, the messenger in between the worlds.

Your Sun energy does not mean much without your Moon energy, just as there is no actual sense in only rational thinking, without the emotional part. The Moon is what lies behind the curtain of your expressive Sun sign.

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It is your sub conscious mind. If you carefully listen to your Moon sign, you could find out about your truest desires and needs.

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The Moon is an inner voice that guides you through life, although very subtly. It makes you perceive the world on an entirely different level and it is through your emotions. We know how we feel, but many times we do not know exactly why we feel that particular way. The Moon in a natal chart marks the place of your greatest emotional vulnerability and, at the same time, greatest emotional fulfillment. The Moon in Virgo is kind of a paradox, since Virgo itself is not much of an emotional sign.

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On the contrary; Virgo is strict, cold, emotionally reserved and lacks empathy. People with this astrological combination never trust their heart, without consulting the reason. They tend to explain every single emotion by something they find rationally acceptable. There is no emotional spontaneity in Moon Virgo.