March 26 birthday astrology aries

Your personality is fresh and crisp Practice patience and you'll avoid much frustration. If you were born on March 21, you are an unconventional and independent spirit -- you're open-minded and need the freedom to pursue your own ideas and dreams without complications. Though you prefer your own company to that of others, you still win many friends.

This is because you are so admired for your confident approach to life and your direct, honest manner in dealing with people. Remember that if you can act as more of a team player, you'll find yourself blazing a trail straight to the top with a gaggle of fans following your lead.

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  • March 26 Birthday Astrology!
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At your best: Confident, open-minded, fair At your worst: Inflexible, anti-social, impatient. Dreams are one way for your subconscious to send messages to your conscious. Upon awaking from a dream, you may realize that there's a romantic theme unfolding from all the sexy vibes buzzing between you and a special individual right… Continue. This is your day -- and it's time to celebrate everything that makes you a winner!

Which Zodiac Sign Are You When You're Born On The Cusp?

You're a sign who isn't as concerned with standing out in the crowd as much as you are with standing in front of it. Indeed, being number one is a natural fit for your personality. In fact, because you have a desire to take charge of any situation, success typically follows. Your talent to make your mark in this world using this pioneering spirit is a quality that makes you both endearing as well as a force to be reckoned with.

Love Compatibility

From Lady Gaga to Chance the Rapper, we've rounded up all of the celebrities that you might not have realized were Aries. The "Legally Blonde" actress was born March 22 and is not a Gemini vegetarian like her character. Read More: Here's which state you really belong in, based on your zodiac sign.

The "Clueless" star as he will forever be known to us was born April 6. Read More: How you act when you're in love, based on your zodiac sign.

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Molly Thomson. Snapchat icon A ghost. Matthew Broderick.

Tips for Aries born on March 26

Scott Eastwood. Reese Witherspoon. Jessica Chastain.

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Elton John. Big Sean. Keira Knightley. Steven Tyler.

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  • March 26 Birthday Personality.
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Mariah Carey. Lady Gaga. Reba McEntire. Celine Dion.

March 26 birthdays astrology

Ewan McGregor. David Oyelowo. Eddie Murphy. Robert Downey Jr. Pharrell Williams.